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Drain Cleaning in Avon

Unclogging Drains in Lorain County, Elyria & Northeast Ohio Since 1962

Have you recently begun noticing that your drains are slow to clear water? Even the most powerful pipes can succumb to clogging, which not only creates an obnoxious situation as you constantly wait for the water to slowly glug down the drain but can be disastrous on the rest of your plumbing system. 

If a clog becomes too large, and too much pressure builds up within the drain, the pipe is liable to burst, causing a catastrophic flood of toxic waste and gunk. Let our devoted team at Butts Plumbing provide you with drain cleaning in Avon so your drains can flow freely once again.

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How We Clean Out Your Drains

When it comes to cleaning your drains, our professionals have several techniques and strategies we use, always implementing the most updated standards of the plumbing industry. Whether you have a clog leading to your bathtub, sink, toilet, or shower, we can resolve the issue, utilizing traditional mechanical snake cleaning or the powerfully effective technique of high-pressure hydro jetting. We can even offer main sewer line cleaning to ensure that the toxic contents do not back up into your drains

Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Several signs indicate that you may need drain cleaning. Recognizing these signs early can help you address the issue before it becomes more serious. 

Here are common signs that suggest you might need drain cleaning:

  • Slow Draining Water: Water drains slowly, indicating a potential blockage.
  • Foul Odors: Unpleasant smells from drains may suggest debris buildup.
  • Gurgling Sounds: Gurgling noises during drainage may indicate trapped air due to a blockage.
  • Water Backing Up: Water backing up into sinks or tubs signals a severe blockage.
  • Fruit Flies or Insects: Infestation around drains could be due to decaying matter.
  • Multiple Clogged Fixtures: If multiple fixtures in your home are clogged at the same time, it suggests a blockage in the main drain or sewer line.

Leave Your Plumbing Hassles to Us

It is important to remember that cleaning your drain should be left to the professionals. While there are plenty of other tasks at home you could turn into a DIY project, you will definitely not want to let your drain cleaning get out of hand by trying to accomplish it on your own. Too often, we have seen unfortunate drain issues go even more awry because homeowners tried to resolve them on their own, without the required training and experience necessary to take care of these problems. Let our dedicated experts at Butts Plumbing fix any clog with our valuable Avon drain cleaning services.

Figuring Out Why Your Drain Is Clogged

Some of the most common reasons a drain could get clogged include:

  • Build-up from kitchen grease and soap scum
  • Blockage from bits of leftover food, coffee grounds, shells, seeds, and peels
  • Matted hair, dirt, and other debris
  • Build-up of mineral deposits like calcium
  • Inorganic paper material and sanitary products
  • Oddly shaped foreign objects, from keys to hair pins to children’s toys

While there are certainly times when drains can be clogged on account of an issue you could simply never control (such as tree roots entangling themselves around your pipes and choking off the water supply), there are other problems you can prevent from occurring in the future. It is important to know what types of obstacles can quickly create a blockage in your drain so you can stop it from happening again.

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