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While it is important to deal with home care issues at a generally quick rate, a problem with your gas line needs immediate assistance. Your clogged toilet may last an extra day without repairs but hesitating on getting dependable gas line services in Avon Lake could be a matter of life and death. If your or your family breathe in poisonous carbon monoxide, you can suffer from debilitating long-term symptoms. This kind of situation needs to be taken care of immediately by our knowledgeable technicians at Butts Plumbing to protect everyone on your property.

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Comprehensive Services for Your Gas Lines

Our experts can provide all kinds of services that you would need to make sure that your gas lines are secure, functional, and safe for you and your family. Whether you need dependable gas leak detection, or you need to have your lines repaired or even replaced, we are ready to support you.

Alternatively, if you have a larger commercial property serving multiple staff members, employees, clients, and guests a day, we can provide superior gas line services in Avon Lake on a large scale, keeping everyone on your property protected from the hazards of gas leaks. No matter how minor a gas leak may seem, it is critical to repair it immediately, since it can cause such harmful symptoms to people inadvertently breathing natural gas in.

Efficient Gas Line Replacement

It is important to be aware that repairs are not always enough to take care of the issue that your gas line is experiencing. If the line is very old and worn, or if it has even been damaged by twisted tree roots, it is more efficient to have your line replaced by a secure new line. Our dedicated team members will never advise you to get a new line if you do not need one. However, if it is clear that your old line will only cost more repairs and will also jeopardize the health of other people as it constantly breaks down, we can provide a powerful replacement.


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Warning Signs That You May Be Experiencing a Gas Leak

People often assume that gas leaks smell like eggs that have gone bad. Natural gas is completely odorless. To make a gas leak more detectable, companies add a special component called “mercaptan,” and this is the substance smells like putrid eggs. While the odor of mercaptan can often be detected when natural gas is escaping, sometimes the leak may be so small that you are not able to immediately detect that familiar giveaway of the rotten egg aroma. This is why it is so crucial to be aware of other warning signs, so you can immediately call our team for dedicated assistance.

Other signs that you should look out for include:

  • Your gas bills have suddenly risen in the last few weeks
  • You have noted physical damage to your gas lines
  • The connections between your appliances and the gas lines are loose
  • There are strange noises from the lines, from hissing to squealing
  • You and your family have been experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, migraines, or even fainting

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